Self-Assess and Improve is a self-service, metric-based platform that allows enterprise organizations and teams to self-assess their current capabilities for modern software delivery and captures how they improve over time using a data-driven approach.  

Identify weaknesses and adopt the best practices highlighted by to accelerate the speed, agility and quality of your application delivery. In today's software-driven world, this helps your business innovate and compete more effectively in the market. 


How It Works

Teams can take a series of simple surveys to self-assess how they capture requirements, design, develop, test, deploy and run their applications.

Not only will the assessment generate an objective maturity score regarding DevOps best practices, but it will also give the team ideas on where to focus and how to improve. For instance, many teams bite off one or two improvement stories per sprint to gamify how they progress.

Periodically, they will then re-assess using the platform to capture progress and see how far they've come!   


Portfolio View also allows management and change agents to look at a portfolio of applications from a top down perspective to understand areas for improvement across your organization and application portfolio.

You’ll be able to see how teams are performing against each other and identify common constraints.  If, for instance, many people are struggling with an area such as performance testing, you know to address this centrally.  You'll also identify the high performing teams and understand where things are going well!


Who Developed This?

The platform has been developed by Contino, a professional services firm who specializes in helping large regulated organizations adopt DevOps & Continuous Delivery to innovate at scale. 

We use a version of this tool to track our clients' performance improvement over time and the business case for these improvement initiatives.



It's easy to get started by signing up online.  Alternatively, contact us to book a short 25-minute remote demo and whiteboarding session with a Contino consultant to understand how helps you improve organizational performance.  

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